ArQAT Makes Multiple Submissions to TREC’ 25

For third year straight, ArQAT once again participated in TREC this year submitting 3 papers to the conference in 2 different Tracks – Real Tweet Summarization track and LiveQA track.

ArQAT team members Mossaab and Douglas submitted their paper titled ‘CLIP at TREC 2016: LiveQA and RTS’ which included their participation in both the above-mentioned tracks. While current ArQAT team members Marwan, Rahma and Tamer along with past team member Evi and external collaborator Rana submitted their attempt for the liveQA in a paper titled ‘Real, Live, and Concise: Answering Open-Domain Questions with Word Embedding and Summarization.’ Yet another submission was made by team members Maram, Tamer and other co-authors in the Real Tweet Summarization track. Their paper submission was titled ‘Light-weight, Conservative, yet Effective: Scalable Real-time Tweet Summarization.